F.W.C.P.A - Foundation for the Advancement of
"Western Classical Performing Arts"
is a German Foundation with Non profit status and registered as an NGO in Cambodia since 2003

A valuable and open-minded lifestyle through art education is conducive to openness and exchange, without losing one's own identity. The art world in particular can demonstrate that it is always based on pluralism of the individual.
Concerts & Workshops
A cultural platform at both local and international level should be of great benefit not only for the performing artists, but also for the art community at large. An active cultural life creates a sense of dignity and promotes a spirit of international cooperation and mutual respect.
Intern. Teacher Network
Music teaching and education can increase students' cognitive and social development and be considered a critical link in developing skills and motivation for achievement at higher levels.
Ensemble & Orchestra
This unique curriculum of ensemble and orchestral playing allows young Khmer musicians to experience the joy of music-making, build their confidence and self-esteem; gives them a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, and enhances their academic achievements.
Our Partners
5 April - 18 October 2008 at ArtCafe

Hommage to

Oliver Messiaen (1908-2008)

Hearing Colours Seeing Music

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